She Transformed A Vintage Trailer Into A Victorian House

by Cassandra Morris
Cassandra is the Senior Editor of Original Content. She loves sweet tea, binge-watching Antiques Roadshow, and petting puppies.

I am a big supporter of preserving the past. Whether it’s a house, a camper, or even a little knick-knack — I believe it’s our duty to uphold and protect links to history.

However, when restoring an old piece — like an abandoned home or an antique phonograph — I think there’s plenty of room for imagination and creativity.

Like the perfect marriage of antiquity and modernity, these projects not only restore old items to their full glory, but paint them with a fresh coat of life they’ve been badly needing.

That’s why I’m so in love with these colorful trailers. While I’ve seen a lot of beautiful camper renovations, I’ve never seen anything as fun, bold, or whimsical as these eye-catching trailers!

Sure, some might say they were better in their original form — but I think they sparkle with life, charm, and innovation!

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When Texas artist Lynn Risor came across this little vintage camper, she was already impressed. "Beautiful in its own right," she wrote in this "Before" picture's caption.

vintage trailer

But she knew this little 1960s Shasta camper was destined for bigger, bolder things. So, Lynn gave it a coat of primer, then got to work.

cool trailer ideas

First, Lynn sketched out her vision. She was picturing a Victorian-like cottage, dripping with flowers and personality.

unique trailer

After sketching out the details, she brought her lovely vision to life! This once hum-drum little trailer had been transformed into a bubbly pink cottage — complete with a wraparound porch and a sunbathing kitty.

unique shasta trailer

From the back, you'd never guess you were looking at the tail end of a camper! The tail lights became potted hydrangeas — and the windows drip with flowers so detailed, they attract real butterflies!

retro camper

On the other side, a grandma lovingly hugs her small granddaughter. Clothes flap in the soft breeze, a pie cools in the window, and a butter churn sits in the shade of the porch.

unique trailer

At Lynn's talented hand, the front window awning has become a shady patio scene — complete with cool, fresh lemonade.

vintage camper

No stone was left unturned. Even the screen door was painted to resemble an old storm door.

unique camper

This little camper is sure to be an eye-catcher on the roads!

unique rv

But Lynn isn't the only one getting creative with old trailers. Here, a humble camper has become a whimsical watermelon!

vintage rv

This vintage pull-along was transformed into a wild west cabin — complete with a cowboy and cowgirl!

retro camper

But not all trailers must have a rustic flair. This particular trailer was turned into a traveling theater.

vintage camper

This vintage Shasta was transformed into a tiki hut beach scene.

vintage camper

Here, colorful wild horses gallop across the side of this retro camper.

vintage shasta trailer

What do you think about these creative little trailers? Let us know below!

unique trailer

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